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Want to learn Digital Marketing?

Advance Digital Marketing with knowledge of latest Google Updates, practical approach of coaching, regularly updated course content has earned us immense reputation as perfect place to learn Digital Marketing in Jaipur.

Let’s first understand, what actually the Digital Marketing is? And, how can we help you to master genuine white hat Digital Marketing skills?

What is SEO?

If you’re reading this Digital Marketing Training Jaipur page, and reached here via search engine like Google, you certainly typed something in the search box (technically we call it search query) and pressed ‘Search’ or hit ‘Enter’. Google would have suggested you a list of web pages relevant to your ‘Search Query’, (list is often called SERP)

Users normally tend to visit web pages that are in the top of SERP’s. If you have a question, why some of these websites rank higher than others then this is because of a powerful internet marketing practice known as Digital Marketing.

According to AJ KOHN’s definition of Digital Marketing (which I personally found the best, describing the Digital Marketing)

Digital Marketing is a multidisciplinary activity that seeks to generate productive organic traffic from search engines via technically sound and connected sites by matching query intent with relevance and value.

This definition is bit technical for the beginners, but in simple words Digital Marketing is a planned, continuous and ever changing web promotion technique with a single goal to increase visibility, authority and productive traffic to a website.

Why Digital Marketing?

Let me share some search statistics –

  • More than 90% internet users find websites using Search Engines.

  • Google shares 66.2% search market alone.

  • Search Engine Result pages contain both organic (Free) and PPC (Paid) links. It is found in various SEM studies that more than 80% users click on organic links.

  • 62% of searchers never go to 2nd page of results.

  • Top 3 organic search results controls 54% of click and thus get succeed to enjoy high CTR (Click Through Rate) thus higher conversions, means more traffic, more profit.

  • If a website doesn’t appear in SERPs with good rankings, its loosing a big bite of profit, and that is certainly going to the competitors. And getting the higher rankings is only and only possible by SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

  • Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

    If you’ve a website or planning to have one, Learning Digital Marketing can help you to understand most of the issues that holds back a website to show up in search engines with better rankings. Best Digital Marketing Planning starts before the designing of a website; it saves lots of money and time. Digital Marketing knowledge can help you to better monitor the SEO work if you hire somebody to do it for you. If you do it yourself, learning Digital Marketing can drive quality traffic to your website and generate business with least resources and team. Be your own BOSS. Become an Digital Marketing consultant; provide services to other website owners by driving traffic to their websites and earn handsome income by work-from-home. Get a position in professional SEO companies quickly. Most of Digital Marketing achieve high salaries less than 2yrs. of experience Start your own Digital Marketingconsultancy firm, pick projects online and start your own online marketing business Good Thing is, now you can join the best professional Digital Marketing training in Jaipur, Rajasthan by Google certified professional.